The Bleach Controversy Rides On and Go

In the business of food, the issue on the component of bleach is equally a high pointBleach Bottle - NOT MMS! of interest as MMS gathers more controversies from change of name and an attempt to build its own science corner.

Bleaching (bleach and chlorine in a duo) has tracings in flour, baking soda, cake mixes, sugar, and cornstarch) that account for America’s dining culture. The food ways that include eating on the run and quick fixes specifically point to burgers and bread as primary staples. To take on Bleach & MMS are Entirely Different - Make no Mistake about it!the issue that extends the fight against the use of bleach additives in consumable and ingestible products is to exacerbate the negative reception to the use of industrial compounds as food additives. All components being looked into are the chemicals used as bleaching additives.

Bread, America’s number one food staple

The Americans are the number one consumers of bread and meat followed by potatoes. She is also a high patron to cakes, sweets that make use of sugar. The focus is on fast food stores that use breads (from bread manufacturers) made from unbleached flour. Per ingredients, the breads are loaded with benzoil peroxide that gives them a look of freshness and a prolonged shelf life. In the baking process bread flour is mixed with sugar (known to carry whitening agents of calcium dioxide and carbon dioxide in the purification process). Aim, again is to maintain a fresh white look. The baking soda used is loaded with aluminium (another controversy in the food industry) alluded to a lot of issues including dementia and Alzheimer. As if the bleaching components are not enough, consider the bread or cake finally rested on counters in trays lined with wax papers that contain Chlorine gas used to bleach the paper,

Scaling bleach and the edible name brands

The cause oriented issues on the use of bleach additives in consumer products are yet to be resolved as the following leading stores and bread sellers in America are criticised for their use of bleached flour bread products that contain a load up of ingredients with bleach additives:

Sara Lee, one of America’s manufacturer of baked breads, bagels and ready to cook pies, Keep the Pathogens at bay with the Master MIneral...cakes cinnamon rolls
Arby’s fast food- for its use of different breads on their burgers
Subway- its main subs use all types of bread
Wendy’s- bread in their specialised burger combos
McDonald’s- the leading fast food chain that has burgers in different sizes and bread
All the above has been reported using unbleached flour breads. Of course, one might ask about when they could have possibly used unbleached flour breads. In the food business, (one need not be reminded) profit speaks, reason why the food chains is not ready to drop the cheap unbleached flour made bread. To learn more about the history of MMS then follow the preceding link & learn how it is done.