History of the MMS product

The MMS product has long been known to be effective against parasites within the body, & also – it has been known for quite some time that parasites are known to lead to excess weight within the body.

Weight loss for many people in our modern world has become a The MMS Molecule - Powerful Malaria Parasite is Carried within Mosquitoes.Stuff...great concern, because there are more & more obese people everywhere. There are a number of reasons for this, & one of the main ones is being parasites. The reason for this is that theses little fellows congest the lymphatic system, thus reducing elimination within our system.

The MMS product has an active component of chlorine dioxide within, & this is the primary element within this powerful product. This molecule actively seeks out pathogenic elements within the body & destroy them.

How it does this is really quite unique, as it does it electrostatic-ally via cellular communication. This really is quite unique as very few other medicines or chemicals out there can claim such a thing. You know what, it also is interesting to note that this little molecule called chlorine dioxide has been used to purify water purification in municipal water for the last 60 years! This really is quite an endorsement for the efficacy of the product – don’t you think!

The man behind this element is called Jim Humble, & he discovered the Miracle Mineral Supplement, or better known as the miracle mineral supplement. He discovered it when on a mineral hunting expedition when a member of his party was struck down with the malaria parasite, & within hours was very very ill. Needless to say, without some type of medical intervention he would likely die.

Lucky for this chap, Jim Humble had a sodium chlorite solution within his pack – so he whipped it out & prepared a dose, & within hour the gent was feeling much better.

This really got Mr Humble thinking & upon his return to the States he quickly began to develop this supplement further, & within a few months, he had manufactured the Miracle Mineral Solution.

Now many years on, the MMS Supplement has helped countless thousands of people, & all you need to do is visit the internet & you will see testimonial upon positive testimonial about the virtues of this powerful medicine. There has yet to be a fatal case involving the MMS product – something that can be rarely said about any pharmaceutical preparations out there.