The Benefits of Raw Foods Explained – If you are attempting to lose weight without considering Bacteria Type Pathogenic Stressors of the body.going raw (or at least removing the bulk of the cooked food you typically consume), you will be making things MUCH more difficult than they need be. Even further, if you are carying parasites, & are NOT using the Miracle Mineral Supplement – then you may be in trouble!!

Raw food has been consumed by people since immemorial times, but in the recent decades we have witnessed a growing trend of consuming our food without cooking it. One of the best examples is Japanese sushi, a very popular a dish containing raw fish, rice and different types of seasonings. Even though this dish has been consumed in Asia Bacteria...approximately since the 7th century, sushi restaurants and bars have been emerging all around the world in the last two decades. Besides its delicious taste, sushi is also packed with important nutrients and is low in calories.

A raw food diet is based on minimally processed foods, that is to say, uncooked, unpasteurised and non-irradiated aliments.

Concretely, it means eating mostly vegetables, ideally organic ones, fruits and seaweeds, as well as nuts, seeds, sprouted grains and legumes. If you need some pointers have a

look at some of the following information

It is a known fact that cooking destroys some of the vitamins and minerals in vegetables and fruits. Raw foods have many other health benefits. Here are a few of them:

they are high in fibre and promote proper elimination;

they eliminate the risk of a person becoming overweight as they promote the proper elimination of toxins and mucus;

they strengthen the immune system;

Keep Pathogens at Bay...they are full of alkaline minerals that help balance our pH and avoid the development of many diseases: bacteria, fungi, yeasts, pain, acidity, inflammation and skin problems;

they offer the body a large amount of oxygen;

they are rich in antioxidants and slow the ageing of our cells;

they aid digestion and improve the assimilation of nutrients;

they restore the body’s energy and vitality throughout the day.

There is however no need to eliminate cooked food from our lives completely. A gradual integration of raw foods in our diet, without changing our habits, is the recommendable approach. By integrating raw food quietly in our daily lives, their benefits can help us without producing any kind of frustration resulting from giving up the foods we like.

Everything will eventually come up naturally and the body will choose what is good for it.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, it becomes a little futile moving to a organic raw natural way of eating if you are still carrying parasites – so we highly suggest you visit the website & purchase a product called the Miracle Mineral Supplement, created by Jim Humble – it really is quite an amazing substance.

Note: One way in which to speed up your metabolism is by ingesting certain herbs such as green coffee, and the like – the reason for suggesting such supplements is to ensure that the metabolism is operating at the speed it should be. What ends to happen is that fasting / cleansing and so forth will slow the rate at which one burns calories – so stimulating the system at this time is a prudent thing to do.

Contrary to what many might think, eating raw food is far from boring and tasteless. However, there are several things you should pay attention to when preparing this kind of food. Raw foods require impeccable cleanliness from you, when it comes to your hands but also the cutting boards and the refrigerator. The main thing for concern is salmonella, which may occur if you keep raw fish or meat in the refrigerator for too long. Make sure you only use the freshest fish possible, as the bacteria will not be destroyed like in the case of cooking it. Raw ground meat or under cooked is one of the first causes of food intoxication and as such is should not be consumed by children under 15. If you need a little help in preparing foods that are not to be cooked – then this site will help

Eating raw and fresh food is the best way is to enjoy all the richness that the fruit, vegetables, fish or even meat have to offer, inter alia vitamins, minerals, fibers and enzymes. Again, remember to use the the benefits of Miracle Mineral Supplement on a regular basis to keep those parasites under control!