The Uses of MMS- Miracle Mineral Supplements

The Miracle Mineral Supplement is a remarkable chemical oxidizer with the ability to mix with Bacteria at a Microscopic Levelwater and destroy pathogens that cause diseases without interfering with anything else. MMS also interacts with heavy metal compounds in water destroying them along with other different poisons. The success of MMS in this is attributed to its weak oxidisation properties. It has an oxidation potential of + 95 volts. When activated wit Citric Acid, MMS becomes a strong pathogen destroyer referred to as Chlorine Dioxide.
Chlorine dioxide kills only pathogens and poisons easily because of one reason: all pathogens including molds, bacteria, fungi, disease-causing parasites, and yeast have an outer membrane that can be easily oxidised by chlorine dioxide.

The Uses
1. Malaria Treatment
For malaria treatment, adults are given a dose of 15 drops of MMS. Each drop of the miracle mineral solution is activated with five drops of citric acid solution. Once the citric acid has been added, the blend is allowed to sit for three minutes before half a glass of water is added. It is recommended that the drink is consumed immediately. After one hour, a similar dose is given. The symptoms will go away after four hours after the second dose.

MMS Miracle Mineral Solution has been successfully used on many people infected with HIV/IDS.High Magnification of Microscopic Bacteria... All those that have undergone MMS treatment are now healthy and have resumed their normal lives. HIV/AIDS uses a new protocol; MMS Protocol 10000. This protocol is taken in three drops of activated MMS solution each hour for eight hours in a day, and for three weeks. When starting, it is recommended that one starts with smaller doses of two or one drop every hour. This is determined by the individual’s immunity level. If one is very ill, one to a half drop every hour is the recommended dose. This can then be increased once you build tolerance.

3. Treatment of Burns
When treating burns, the MMS should be used without any acid added; spray directly from the bottle. Ensure that the burn is fully soaked with MMS and then wait up to five minutes. The burn will heal in a fraction of the time it is normally required to heal. Expect the pain to go down immediately or reduce within several minutes after MMS application even on skin that is badly burned.

4. Staph Infection
In the US and across the world, Staph is known to be among the leading killers. The Miracle Mineral Supplement wipes it off quickly and easily within one or two days. To treat staph, protocol 1000 is used.
To prepare the solution for the treatment, use a glass or a container with an opening that can fit the staph-infected area. Put six drops of MMS in the glass and add six drops of 50% citric acid. Shake to mix the contents and put the mouth of the container across the infected area so that the infection is inside the glass. Ensure that there is no opening from which the MMS gas can escape.

The Miracle Mineral Supplement was initially used for the treatment of Malaria but with time its use has become diversified. Most of the conditions that have been seen as problems can be treated using MMS. It is a miracle supplement that can be used by all people of all ages and gender.