C60 is also known as fullerene, buckminsterfullerene, or buckyballs. C60 is a sub- nanoparticle, this means can move rapidly through cell membranes altering their functions. It’s a potent antioxidant and has the ability to remove superoxide, the by-product of cellular metabolism that leads to tissue damage. C60 improves the body's immune system and longevity.

Research has proved the following to be the benefits of C60.
C60 Prevents Aging
It protects you from aging by preventing damage of free radicals. Free radicals are uncharged C60 & your health...molecules with unpaired electrons. When these free radicals pair with other electrons they cause oxidative stress. This leads to conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and aging. C60 being an antioxidant prevents free radical damage. It has been experimented on rats and showed to prevent aging.
Free radicals are present in alcohol, junk food, tobacco, and air pollutants.

Increases Lifespan
Studies have shown that C60 prevents nerve cell death by dehydration. This increases the lifespan of mice by 8 days in a 120-day lifespan. Those that treated with C60 showed an increased lifespan of 90 %.

Prevents Inflammation and Arthritis Symptoms

The body produces free radicals that cause inflammation and tissue damage. Being a potent antioxidant it’s able to penetrate in joints and bones neutralizing the free radicals. Therefore, it reduces inflammation and reduces pain in the joints.

Used to treat Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s is caused by the death of cells. Buckyballs are known to prevent the death of nerve cells by dehydration. C60 prevents the free radical damage that leads to excessive death and damage of cells. It improves the flow of electricity through the nervous system which improves cognition. When many neurons die it results in memory loss and cognitive decline. This leads to conditions like Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disorders. Studies have proven that C60 can destroy amyloid-beta plaques which cause Alzheimer’s Disease. Learn a little more about the dosage of carbon 60 as this shows you a good place to begin.

Prevents UV Damage
Research showed that when C60 is mixed with skin ointments it protected the skin from the damaging effects of UV radiation. The buckyballs did not go deeper and stayed on the outer layer of the skin thus protecting the skin outer layers. C60 is being used to treat severe acne by applying it directly to the skin to reduce pimples, skin lesions, and oils found on the skin. C60 is also used to treat disorders that cause hair loss because it rapidly promotes hair growth.

C60 Inhibits Tumor Growth
The study has shown that C60 fullerene lowers tumor growth and metastasis in mice with cancer. It prevents certain bone marrow stem cells from communicating hence hindering the spreading of cancer. C60 enters body cells and alters processes like inflammation and transcription. During this process in case, C60 comes across cells invaded with cancer it may cause them to self-destruct. It also showed an improved life span by 22 % when compared to rats that were not given C60.

Improves Metabolism and Helps Fight Obesity
C60 is a strong antioxidant hence can prevent fat cells from enlarging. It also prevents the cells from being resistant to insulin. Consuming C60 will keep your metabolic rate high leading to a healthy and energetic body. C60 is popular for its ability to make your body feel younger, stronger, and healthier. This is due to its ability to protect cells from oxidative stress which causes premature aging.