Recommended Dosage for C60
C60 dosage for humans has not been scientifically determined. It is important to choose the right one toCarbon 60 Fullerene Molecule... meet the required need. People are advised to seek professional guidance before taking C60 supplements. The general recommendation for taking C60 is 5ml of oil per day. Which means a 100kg human should take 0.04mg/kg. The ideal dosage depends on your body weight and the concentration of the C60 supplement you are using.
C60 is best taken in the morning with food as one larger dose or small doses throughout the day. For quick results, it should be taken regularly with consistency in daily usage. Drinking plenty of clean water while taking C60 is necessary to support the body processes. Some people may choose to use 2-4 times the maintenance dose for the first 4-8 weeks to flood the cells with C60.
Performing athletes sometimes prefer consuming a 100ml bottle of C60 oil at once. Some have reported an improvement in their performance. C60 supplements enhance performance and endurance in athletes. It has also been reported to reduce muscle soreness known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).
If a recommended dose is too strong for your body, start with a smaller dose until your body can manage the full dosage. Let your body respond to C60 guide you on adjusting to the dosage accordingly.

Ways to Take C60
The following are ways on how you can take in C60.

Cooking with C60 Olive Oil
C60 olive oil can be substituted with your regular cooking oil as it has no differenced. It has a strongly bonded molecule and cannot degenerate with intense heat. C60 olive oil can be used in salad dressings or blend in smoothies. Add in soups and sauces or with your favorite vegetables to enjoy a healthy treat. Since it can be consumed raw there is no need to worry while adding in smoothies and juice.

Topical Application
People massage a few drops of oil on the affected area per day. The study showed that the oil protected the skin from UV radiation. The oil can be used as sunscreen or sunscreen on a sunny day.
C60 olive oil is a potent antioxidant that destroys free radicals in the body. This stops oxidative stress that causes tissue damage. It keeps the body healthy and energized. It controls the production of sebum and promotes skin cell renewal. This keeps the skin glowing and slows the signs of aging.

C60 Oral Spray
The spray is the easiest and quickest way to experience the benefits of C60 olive oil. The buckyballs are deposited into the dense network of blood vessels under the tongue where they get absorbed as a molecule. Since the molecules are absorbed directly into the blood the results are noted quicker. The oral spray can be flavored with pleasant mild tastes to make it more palatable.

Quality Concerns
C60 oils have rapidly gained popularity over the years raising concerns on its quality. The major issue being the quality of the actual C60 used in the manufacturing of the final product. Many buyers have encountered low-quality supplements due to several manufactures using inferior quality of C60, toxic solvents, and other chemicals.
While purchasing these products through the net people are advised to be keener. Inferior quality supplements can be extremely toxic and harmful when consumed.